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There's certain things I could never explain and I have no credibility to explain because I have no idea of what its like to be discriminated against. I can talk about it in the abstract, but I have no experience with it." McNamara said the office reached out to alumni offices, bar associations and schools of law to recruit diverse candidates but have gotten minimal responses. Hesaid that's in part to the size of the department versus departments in larger cities, as well as the fact that it's only been 62 years since the landmark court case Brown v. Board of Education, which declared state laws establishing separate public schools for black and white students to be unconstitutional. "There has been one president in the U.S. who was born after Brown v. Board of Education, and that's Barack Obama," McNamara said. "I tried to explain that to people. The problem with jobs like police department or prosecutors it takes people time to work through the system." Chief Public Defender Frank Nebush said his office is in a similar situation. It has16 white male attorneys and eight white female attorneys. One of the department's investigators is a Hispanic woman. "It's hit or miss," he said.

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How to Find a Good Employment Attorney 38 percent of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC claims filed in 2012 were alleged retaliation claims. You can do the same for attorneys who have been referred to you by colleagues, friends, and family members. On the other hand, some attorneys may charge a contingency fee, wherein you will be required to pay an agreed percentage of your claim to the lawyer in case you win. A good lawyer is also a good listener and will always be attentive towards his client. The Traits to Look for in Your Lawyer During the consultation, you will need to observe the lawyer very carefully. Do not choose the lawyer if you find it very hard to communicate with him. Factors to Consider While Meeting a Lawyer Is there a Conflict of Interest? For example, Utah residents simply have to access the 'Utah State Bar Lawyer Referral Directory', select the area of legal service they seek, select the language they prefer, and the years of active practice they prefer their lawyer to have gained. He must do so in a simplistic manner so that you are able to understand the complexities involved in your case. Based on your needs and the research done by you, go in for an attorney who you believe will be able to give you time and invest all efforts into your case. Some employment lawyers represent only employers and will not meet with aggrieved employees. You will need to inquire about how the lawyer charges for his/her services. The second thing you can do is to search for State Bar Association Referral Directories and streamline your work. Make sure that you try to focus on attorneys who are experts in Employment Law and have formidable years of experience.

Apart from filing the complaint or claim, it is equally important to hire an attorney who understands your case completely and deals with it seriously. Read through some of their biogs and the information mentioned on their website. That being said, make it a point to visit other employment attorneys in your area, who have successfully managed the cases of people you know. On the other hand, some attorneys handle only employee grievances. Select a lawyer who wins your confidence and has several years of experience in the field of employment law.