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“We have known Bill, Erica and Richie for years and have witnessed firsthand their impressive legal skills and creative advocacy,” said Terry O. Brantley, Swift Currie Managing partner. “Because their practices dovetail so nicely with ours, their additions will be a seamless fit. They will expand our book of business with existing clients, and Swift Currie can offer them the support that comes with the resources of a growing midsized firm. In addition, the senior attorneys and associates we are adding will help us to maintain the highest level of service,


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The eviction process in Miami, Florida is very complicated has very strict rules and deadlines that the landlord must know and obey in order to avoid delays and legal liability. The Sheriff will come back and evict tenant, everything will be removed from the premises and give possession of the property to the landlord. It states the tenants name, address, amount of rent due, and date of notice. Writ of Possession – The judge will sign a Writ of Possession after receiving the Default Package and then it will be delivered to the Sheriff. You must go thou the court system and follow very specific