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Goldstein responded in the text: “Take the dinners. I can’t be bought but you lost an asset for your company because you’re an ass.” Burlakoff replied: “ We work on loyalty here pal . Waxh (sic) your (expletive) back and grow a set of eyes in the back of your head. … We don’t buy business or doctors. It’s sad you think that way. If our measly couple hundred grand can buy you.” After hostilities with Burlakoff, Goldstein requested the company reimburse him for a home security system he claimed to have bought because he feared him. The company paid him $9,800. Federal prosecutors say, though, the invoice Goldstein provided to Insys was fake. In the Burlakoff indictment, prosecutors portray a company intent on flouting the FDA rules designed to protect consumers from misuse of its own product. An unusual video prepared for the 2015 national sales meeting encouraged sales reps to push doctors to prescribe high doses of the fentanyl spray to find an “effective” dose — called titration. The video featured prominent sales reps rapping to an A$AP Rocky song and dancing with a life-size bottle of Subsys in the highest dose the company sold. The sales reps, according to the indictment, repeat the refrain, “I love titration, and that’s not a problem!” The person in the Subsys costume then takes it off at the end of the video.

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