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In other areas, the UAE has implemented legislation to improvetransparency and stamp out corruption. For example, there isspecific anti-money laundering and terrorism financing legislationin place since 2002, which was significantly updated and enhancedin late 2014 when the UAE brought its legal framework into closeralignment with the OECD Financial Action Task Force'sRecommendations. Most Arab states did not score above 50 in the CorruptionPerceptions Index, though Saudi Arabia scored 49, placing it thirdin the region and in 57th place overall. Indeed, Saudi Arabia saw a significant improvement to itsranking, moving up five places from its previous year's rank of62nd to a rank this year of 57th (up from a score of 46 to 49). Thenews comes on the back of the recent campaign by Saudi Arabia tostamp out corruption in the country and target the objectives of"Vision 2030". In 2017, Saudi Arabia made concertedefforts to combat corruption including establishing a NationalAnti-Corruption Commission led by Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salmanin November 2017 which led to a series of arrests of some prominentSaudi Arabian princes, government ministers, and businessmen. Saudi officials welcomed the results in the CorruptionPerceptions Index, with Minister of Economy and Planning MohammedAltwejri, stating that "we are dedicated to achieving theobjectives in the Vision 2030 plan, which includes improvingtransparency and accountability in every facet of our government,and this report shows we're making progress". The trend in the GCC was largely split with the UAE, Qatar andSaudi Arabia on the one hand all seeing improvements on their 2016scores, whilst conversely Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain fell down theleague table in the Corruption Perceptions Index. Bahrain in factexperienced a sharp drop since last year with its score plummeting7 points from 43 to 36. Low ranking for some Middle East countries The falling standings of the three Gulf States point to thedeeper problems across much of the Arab world, according toTI's press release entitled "Rampant Corruption inArab States". Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Yemen and Libya allamong the seven most corrupt states in the world, according to therankings. These worst performing Arab states are said to sufferfrom weak public institutions, internal conflict and deepinstability, primarily as a result of ongoing civil wars, andcorrupt government and governance.

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