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Shelby was acquitted last May of first-degree manslaughter in Terence Crutcher’s death, although the jury foreman in her trial wrote a letter expressing concerns about whether it is appropriate for her to still be a police officer. The Rogers County Sheriff’s Office has since added Shelby to its ranks as a deputy after a short period during which she was a reservist. “I want the family to know that the Crutcher family, Mrs. Crutcher, is so tired,” Leanna Crutcher said during the news conference. She added, when referencing the shooting: “I will never get over that, so don’t tell me to get over it.” “Terence was murdered. Shot down like a dog because of someone’s misinterpreting. By a trained person that was there to protect. She was (acquitted), but that still doesn’t make it right,” she said. Bynum’s office, when asked for comment, said in a statement that the Crutchers are good people who have endured a terrible tragedy and that since Terence’s death, the city has taken steps to combat racial inequality.

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