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Marburger said he plans to challenge Gawkers position, adding that it may influence the settlement he was already working toward with Hogan's lawyers. "Its designed to pressure Daulerio to settle when we were already pretty close," Marburger said. "We will not be cowered into a fetal position by Gawkers bankruptcy lawyers." Gawker filed for bankruptcy protection in the wake of its high-profile lawsuit against Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea. Hogan argued that Gawker violated his privacy when it published excerpts of the sex tape, and was awarded more than $140 million in damages earlier this year. Gawker ultimately sold it assets and shut down Gawker.com before reachinga settlement with Hogan. Daulerio, meanwhile, appealed his portion of the judgment, which includes $100,000 in punitive damages that he is solely responsible for. Referring to a provision in Daulerios contract that prevents employees from publishing defamatory, obscene, or illegal content, Gawkers lead bankruptcy attorney Gregg Galardi wrote in a Nov. 28 filing that Daulerio had, in fact, breached his Employment Representations in a number of ways by publishing the sex tape. Accordingly, absent the Bollea Settlement," Galardi continued, "Daulerio would be required to indemnify Gawker Media for some or all" of the damages awarded toHogan. This contradicts what Gawker founder Nick Denton has argued when defending the publishing of the tape, which a federal judge deemed newsworthyin light of comments Hogan had made publicly about his sex life. (Hogan later pursued his case further in state court, where he ultimately won.) The story has been found newsworthy by a federal judge, the appeals court on repeated occasions, Denton said in a March interview with Good Morning America. I believe it was newsworthy. Those judges agreed it was newsworthy and so it is a story we would do again. Denton declined to comment on the details when asked about the estate's examination of Daulerio's employment contract."I just hope the company settlement clears the way for him to move on with his life," he told FORBES.

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